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Your Mind is a weird place!

I’m super excited to be sharing with you, “Your Mind”, the second single and music video from my upcoming EP “Accept”.


After the melancholic first single “Come Find Me”, I wanted to release something that gave a contrast to the somber side of me and my music.

Your Mind is a song about coming out of the bubble that we create for ourselves with our minds. We imagine things to make life more comfortable to deal with; but we also create fake meanings of what is uncomfortable. Either ways, we surround ourselves with a lie. That ain’t good! If I’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that life is tough but it’s tough love too. Maybe now you see why I called the EP “Accept”.


You wouldn’t appreciate the beautiful sunny day as much if it never rained. The colours become dull without the moody greys of the clouds. The warmth becomes stale without the beautiful cold of the drizzle. And so, this time, we wanted the music video to be joyous.


I wanted to capture happiness and love in the purest way possible for this song. What better way than to do a road trip down south with some really talented and baller friends for a gig in Kochi ( Shout out to Manaf Abdul and the beautiful people of The Heart ). This idea included my love for travelling, the wonderful human beings I’ve surrounded myself with, the most passionate fans from Kochi that I’ve had the privilege of having for so many years and also, music – something that defines much of my purpose in life.



Human company, compassion and collaboration have been the central theme for “Accept”. After an inspiring year with the incredible musicians I got to work with for this EP and from the lessons I learnt from them, I’ve tried to push the purpose further.


Over the course of this project, I’ve further had the opportunity of working with the incredible team behind the videos; friends I’ve known for ages. We’re an artist collective, “The Doobious Minds” that work and collaborate with each other in our artistic journeys.  We’re also producing the first documentary in collaboration with Sofar Sounds that will be out sometime next year.


Speaking of Sofar Sounds, “Accept x Sofar India Tour” was a whole other collaboration that evolved into something magical with a lot more people involved; sponsors, kind human beings wanting to help out and passionate musicians extending support, insight and love for what we were trying to do.

But that’s for a completely different and arguably large blog post(s).

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Oh and for those who read all the way till here, here’s a cookie. I guessed you wouldn’t like to hear my ramble every time you wanted to hear the new single as with the video. lol Much love y’all. 🙂



Accept is out September 30th!

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