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True Love

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His name, Keanu. The bundle of joy was born to the neighbor’s cat and as soon as he was born, he found a home inside the hollow bed that was in our room. He knew no other home but ours. People have strong bonds with their pets but this little guy was more than a pet. He was true family. He loved going to sleep under the blankets with me or mum, fought with Dexter like any two brothers would and on one of those rare nights, we would get to see both of em cuddling together in the dark.


I remember Keanu opening his eyes to the sunlight for the very first time. I remember because he was in my arms when it happened. I’d sneaked him out of the bed after a week or so. It’s a powerful feeling to have a life begin in your hands. And a powerful one to see the end of it as well.


Keanu was special for many reasons but his biggest quality was to be the most loving cat I’d ever seen. There was a particular stray cat that used to attack him all the time while he went out. We were concerned he would get hurt but one day, we got to see something very interesting. We saw another cat quietly following Keanu into the house. After weeks, Keanu had befriended him. Against our wishes (and to Dexter’s frustration), Keanu would bring this cat every single day and would sit next to his own bowl of food while the other one nibbles from it. He would give away his own food. This other cat had a nasty sounding meow. It was aggressive. We weren’t as thrilled to have this new guest over so frequently. But our boy got his way.


Keanu was killed by a stray dog a couple weeks ago. He was still a kid. It’s hard losing a pet. It’s harder losing family. It wasn’t easy at all. He taught us many things but his way of true love and kindness stays strong. ‘Bruno’ as he’s called now visits home often. Dexter has learnt to cooperate. He’s getting used to our cuddling too! And that nasty meow he makes? All of us look forward to it so much. It sounds as beautiful as the memories of Keanu. It fills the home with love.


They teach us so much more than we give them credit for.