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The Life of a Full-time Musician – New VLOG episode out!

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I had plans on doing a vlog episode all about my decision to go full time with music and the lessons I have learned from it. It was intended to give a bit more insight and maybe even a few tips for those who could need it. In the process of it, I realised how personal this topic really was. This lifestyle as a musician had become so much of a second-nature that I’d forgotten how it was before that. And so I thought I’d do a video about it.

In the process of making this video, I also realised how grateful and thankful I am to the many people who’ve supported me so far. And how essential they’ve been for me to still be able to do this. So, in a way, this video is dedicated to them. To give them the insight over the gravity of their significance.

I still intend to do the original video with the lessons I’ve learnt over the years but it is likely to be a shorter and more generic one which should still be okay. Here’s the full episode!

Another update is that our work on my upcoming EP is well underway and I’m honored to have some incredible musicians being part of it. As we move further, the fact is getting clearer and clearer that my musician’s ’salary’ is not going to cut it. So we plan to crowdfund a part of the expenses. I will be sharing more details about it very soon. I hope you’ll keep an eye out for it if you wish to support. Thank you SO much.

Much love to everybody out there.