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Sleep – the final moments of a life changing tour!

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These were the final moments of the Accept x Sofar India Tour that I went on to do as part of my recently released EP “Accept” back in August 2018

I mentioned life changing in the title because a lot of things happened over the year that pushed me further into learning what Accept really is. In the process of this EP and tour, I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting incredible musicians and souls. And that was the theme of the whole tour, collaborating with multiple musicians and artists..

This incredibly special performance of Sleep was from the final city on tour – Bangalore. Home.


While on tour playing these incredibly special gigs, we spent the rest of our time shooting a documentary. We wanted to understand more about this beautiful community of music surrounding the cities and essentially the country. What better way than to simply meet and speak to its people -the fans, artists, venue owners, studio owners and also those kind hearted people who gave you that bed to sleep on as you carried yourself and your story on the road.

And then to come back home and play for a home crowd with my boys – Ramanan Chandramouli and Rohan Kamath, that was an intense full circle moment. Especially for the way this year has been. This song is about a new chapter coming to life. Although, it’s funny how the final moments of this tour describe more of an old one being put to sleep.


Life is a weird fella!

I’m real glad to share this incredibly special and monumental moment in my life with y’all in the form of this video. I couldn’t not shake off all the memories that this video brought me as I decided to share it with you. Thanks for your time and I hope you do enjoy the song. Much love!

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Have you heard “Accept” yet? If not, I’d love for you to give it a listen and shout out your thoughts!

Listen to it here!