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Photoshoot with Blushing Satellite [VIDEO]

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As some of you would know, I do play and make music with a band called Blushing Satellite. The band’s founder Ramanan Chandramouli called me sometime last year and asked me if I would be interested to join the band after the former frontman Karthik parted ways. Given the spiritual motive of this project for making music, I agreed. It has been a beautiful journey so far and I know these people as my brothers.

Blushing Satellite is coming out with a new album titled “The Union” very soon. Undoubtedly, this record has to be one of the most challenging vocal efforts I’ve contributed to, creatively and otherwise. Moreover, the music comes from a deeply spiritual and meditative process making it a contrast from what I deal with in my songwriter journey.


The band went on a day trip to the outskirts of the city close to the Manchanebele Dam along with friend and photographer Abheet Anand (a wonderful bassist himself) for this shoot. The concept of the photoshoot was quite interesting in itself with each member of the band representing an element of nature such as Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Being amongst nature and away from the noise of the city was a reward in itself, especially with record hot temperatures upon us. But the company was colourful too, each with their own unique personality true to the elements themselves. We also had our friends Mack and Imaiyan helping us out with the shoot and the location.

I carried my vlog camera along to capture some of the memories from the day so I could share with you.

I keep saying this all the time, I love doing what I do. These recordings simply reflect the same.


Until next time!