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On the Playlist | March Week 4

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I’m of the opinion that discovering and exploring new music on a regular basis is one of the most important habits for a musician to have. We grow as human beings through experiences that challenge us to come outside of our little comfy bubbles. Music works the same way. I’m not saying you have to like everything you listen to or that you’ve got to force yourself in to the music you don’t prefer. But there is so much music out there! Even if you consider just one genre(let’s take the one that you love), it would take you many many years to go through everything that comes under it. Branch out, explore, get lost in it and you will see yourself becoming a better musician(if that is what you aspire to). 

To keep up with this idea, I thought it’ll be good to start “On the Playlist” – a recurring blog topic where I’ll be sharing new music that I discover and resonate with. 


Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Keep On Running

Some of you would know that besides my songwriter career, I play for a band called Blushing Satellite and our album “The Union” is due for release in the next few months. Our producer for the album Leslie Charles (bass player for Thermal and a Quarter) listens to a lot of music. like… a lot! He introduced us to Gabriel Garzón-Montano, a wonderful artist we’ve been trippin’ on for a while now. I stayed at Rama’s (Blushing Satellite) for a couple of days last month during a gig weekend and this song kept coming back on our playlist every couple of hours. Look out for those sick bass lines by the end.



Imogen Heap – Little Bird

Leslie is producing my songwriter EP as well which I plan to put out this year. I’m glad it is in the hands of someone who really has such a diverse musical palette. He introduced me recently to Imogen Heap. I did receive some well deserved flak for not knowing about this absolutely wonderful artist earlier but I’m glad I do now.

Fun Fact: This song is from her album Ellipse which she recorded and produced in her basement turned studio; and she bagged a Grammy for Best Engineered Album, Non Classical. Think about that for a bit, I’ll wait…



John Mayer – Still Feel Like Your Man

Now, JM is where it all started for me and so, it should be obvious that I’m super excited for his new album that’s coming out titled “The Search for Everything“. The two waves/EPs that he’s put out have some really nice tunes, great production and an unsurprisingly effortless songwriting but this song is something else. There’s a battle going on in my head with one side going “This is so John Mayer” while the other one arguing it’s not. Regardless, both sides gladly agree that it’s an excellent piece of music. With legendary musicians like Pino Palladino on the Bass and Steve Jordan on Drums, it’s hard to go wrong. Hmm.. I’m such a fanboi, for good reasons! 



I hope you are or will enjoy these songs as much as I am enjoying right now. Feel free to share what you’ve been listening to in the comments below. Let’s make this world a better place with more music and with. . .  more music.


 Until next time!