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Miss Independent

Kind people are the best kind of people.

– Unknown

Since a lot of you out there, especially with aspirations like mine as a musician are faced with challenges when you want to reach your goals. Here’s something that might help you find your strength.

Many think that strength is found in the capability to be independent and self-reliant, which is true. But being independent is NOT

  • pushing people away to give yourself more space to practice this ‘independency’. That’s stupid. You have hard times, brace them and learn to come above it. You have good times, embrace them and cherish them, you’ll find more strength. This will truly show you how to be independent and happy wherever you are.
  • unnecessarily giving yourself a hard time and thinking that this is the way to ‘learn’ to be independent. You don’t have to give yourself shit, that’s taken care of for the rest of your life whether you like it or not. Why not focus and spend your time on getting better at the thing you’re passionate about? That would help much in giving yourself confidence and in a positive way!

Being independent IS

  • to realise that we live in a world full of different kinds of people. Giving and receiving love and kindness with these people (animals too) will give you much more strength to be independent than not doing so. It’s a time tested approach to all parts of life.
  • being dedicated and passionate about whatever the hell you want to do in life and realising that you’ll do anything for the love of it. THAT is being independent.

For god’s sake, we need to lose the fucking ‘tough’ act that so many of us find the luxury to put our asses on while being ignorant to all those people who chose to be loving and kind with what they do in order to achieve all that this world has achieved.

These same tough asses go back to their parents and children and spouses to express the same thing they were mocking it to be what a “sissy” or “wuss” would say – love. It just boggles my mind.

Be tough about it (like I know of so many people that I respect for being remorseless but with good intent), you don’t have to be an insensitive prick to be tough. To others or with yourself.